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Mrs Angela McDermid


All About Me...

My name is Mrs McDermid. I’ve been Headteacher at Collierley for nearly four years. That photo below is me as a young child. You can just about see my favourite bike in the background.

My Story

I don’t think I have changed one bit – do you!

I’ve been a teacher for quite a few years!  My first ever job was in an infant school in York, where I taught in every year group (except nursery).

Before moving back to the North East I went travelling for a year going to lots of different countries: Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, America and Canada.  I’ve always loved travelling to new places near and far.

My favourite place in England I think has to be Bamburgh Castle and beach, but there so many wonderful places to visit. My favourite subjects to teach are Forest School and Maths and I love OPaL playtimes. You’ll often see me trying to join in with these activities around school and wearing wellies with dresses

I’ve developed a new interest in making things out of old tyres.


It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of paint! Have a look around school to see what creatures you can find.

I’ve got two girls, Ruby and Rosie, who you will hear about from time to time. They love to come in to school too.

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