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Welcome to Collierley Nursery and Primary School


We hope you find this website useful, interesting and informative. Its purpose is to give you a flavour of daily life at Collierley, keep you informed of upcoming events and share with you the highlights of past events.

We have three school rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Ready.

Our aims are simple: We want all children to have the best possible start in life. We want all children to not only feel safe and cared for at school, but also to enjoy learning! We are very proud of our school, its rich heritage and its spectacular site. We are always looking for ways to improve and we have plans to further develop the fantastic grounds to further enhance the curriculum for all of our children.

We are all dedicated to ensuring that the school has a friendly, caring atmosphere to help each child have an outstanding primary education. Ensuring that we are very much a ‘Village School’ and that children are given every opportunity to achieve and excel.

Angela McDermid

The children’s perspective of our school:

From my perspective, the school is a very good place to learn, see your friends and achieve many things. The teachers are very kind and respectful to everyone. It is a very nice, happy and cheerful place to be. I also think that some people should treat the school’s property with respect a little more. Most of the time everyone is nice and kind to everyone in the school. The teachers are always fair to everyone no matter what.

I think our school is a very cheerful place where everyone has friends but there could be improvements such as more outdoor learning this year. Apart  from that I would give our school 5 stars and recommend Collierley Primary to any of my friends outside of school because as a community our school is the greatest ever.

From my perspective the school is excellent because they have good teachers that get you ready for secondary school and at dinner time and break time the teachers always make you safe when you’re playing with your best friend on the playground.

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