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Year 6

Welcome to our

Year 6

We are Year 6. We are taught by Mr Thompson. We are taught by Mrs Wilkinson on a Wednesday and we are supported by Miss Gleghorn. 

We are currently in Spring A term. This means we are preparing for our Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) in May. In preparation for our end of Key Stage Two SATs, we are working particularly hard on our reading, maths and SPaG (spelling, grammar and punctuation) work.

Our English texts, from which we base our writing around, are all fairy tales, myths and traditional tales. We are reading a wide range of texts ranging from The Brothers Grimm, Theseus and the Minotaur and The Monkey's paw by W. W. Jacobs.

In science this term, we are learning about evolution and inheritance - particularly Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Click the link below for this term's knowledge organisers. They are designed for the purpose of providing parents with valuable knowledge and vocabulary in our curriculum offer.

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The homework is given to the children on a weekly basis. Children are given maths homework, spellings to practice which will be taught the following week in school and tests the following Friday and an expectation to read at least three times a week with a reading record signature from an adult at home. As we are building up to our SATs this term, some weeks we may have additional homework such as reading comprehensions.

Our ultimate aim is to raise standards and outcomes for all of our children

How can I support my child at home?

The most effective way of supporting your child at home is by ensuring they are completing their homework, practicing their spellings and reading as much as possible. Be sure to hear your child read aloud as well as independently. Ask questions about the characters, what is happening in the story and what they think might be happening next.

Knowledge Organisers:

Knowledge Organisers are used to inform parents about the curriculum content of the subjects your child is learning about each term. Be sure to talk to your child about the contents in the knowledge organisers such as key events, facts, dates and vocabulary. We are currently in Spring Term.



The children complete Statutory Assessment Tests at the end of Year 6. They are due to take place in May 2022. These tests assess their level of learning throughout the whole of Key Stage 2.

Over the course of a week, the children sit a reading test; a Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test; a separate Spelling test; an arithmetic test and 2 Maths reasoning tests.

To support your child at home there are various websites that you can use. Some of my favourites are listed below.

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