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Aims and Ethos

At Collierley Nursery and Primary School we believe that the ethos of the school is central to establishing, achieving and maintaining high standards in all areas.

We are very much an outdoor and active school where we aim to provide a safe, caring environment. We aim to enables everyone in the school to fulfil their potential and feel part of our small school ‘family’.

We aim:

  • To provide the highest possible standard of education through a broad, balanced and enjoyable curriculum appropriate to each individual.

  • To give the opportunity to develop the skills required to live and work together and to co-operate with each other.

  • To promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, enabling individuals to make informed choices.

  • To develop an empathy with people around us; with the world in which we live and an understanding and respect of individuals, groups and nations. To encourage a sense of right and wrong and be self disciplined.

  • To provide a stimulating surrounding which is valued.

  • To foster a caring attitude towards others and our environment.

Our 3 school rules reflect our school ethos and aims:

  • Be Safe

  • Be Ready

  • Be Respectful

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