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Parent Voice


It is important all stakeholders have a representative voice in our school.

We have several levels of ‘Student Voice’, where our young people have the opportunity to share their views and ideas to help shape the future of Collierley Primary School.

Our Parent Forum is a similar group comprising of parents who meet on a half termly basis to share views and contribute ideas as to how we can make the education experience better for our students. Although we set an agenda and record minutes the group is a more informal approach than the Local Governing Body.

Working together with the parents’ forum we produced this useful booklet for families.

Parent Questionnaire October 2021

What do you value most about Collierley?

  • The school’s values and ethos.

  • Friendly & caring environment.

  • My daughter is happy while she learns.

  •  OPAL and the all around warmth and welcome feeling when we visit.

  • Friendly, caring approach to pupils and parents, always met with smiling faces whether it be going in on a morning or entering office

  • Positivity influence of all staff

  • Communication, Inclusion, Solid foundation for my childs education, OPAL.

  • Amazing support by teachers, always made to feel comfortable and every staff member is approachable

  • Good learning environment

  • The school always listens to parents and children and go out of their way to help.

  • Very child focused. Adaptations are happily made when children need a little extra support

  • Good education + friendly atmosphere

  • Always there for any sort of help.

  • Caring and well knowledgeable staff. 1 form school which I believe makes the school more proactive and children can attain more.

  • The staff

  • The welcoming nature of all the staff and headteacher

  • Seeing how happy XXX is when he is at school and what is going in.

  • Hard to say at the moment

  • The social media and tapastrey app.

  • I enjoy the community spirt that seems to surround the school and encourage the children.

  • Teachers

  • Not sure

  • All staff are helpful and friendly

  • The homey atmosphere and outdoor ethos.

  • The outdoor learning and lesson variety

  • The feeling of belonging to a caring, family oriented school.

  • Friendly staff

  • I believe that the teachers and Head Teacher genuinely care about each pupil as an individual. They are always welcoming, friendly and go above and beyond as compared to other schools. They make their learning fun and engaging and the level of care which they show towards each child is amazing. The forest school and green space available is a brilliant asset. They involve the school within the wider community activities and vice versa: which I think is important as it creates an important sense of belonging and community spirit. I genuinely couldn’t recommend this school enough. I haven't heard or seen of a case of bullying either within any of the years either xxx or xxx has attended, which I think speaks volumes towards the attitudes of both the staff and pupils.

  • Excellent staff and individual support

The full responses can be found in the document below.

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