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Our School Uniform

In order to maintain a sense of identity and belonging within our school, it is our school policy that children wear school uniform when attending school, representing our school or participating in a school organised event outside of school. Our school encourages all children to grow into healthy adults.

Our School uniform consists of the following:

  • Grey / Black Trousers or Shorts

  • Grey / Black Skirt

  • Grey Pinafore Dress

  • White Shirt / Polo Shirt

  • Red Sweatshirt / Cardigan

  • Red and White Checked Summer Dress

  • Black Shoes

Jewellery, including earrings, is not permitted for health and safety reasons.


P.E. Uniform: 

  • Black/Red Shorts

  • Red Sports T Shirt available from Motif8

  • Training Shoes / Plimsolls

  • During the winter months, children are permitted to wear black tracksuit bottoms when taking part in
    outdoor P.E. activities.


In KS2, children attend swimming sessions throughout the school year. During these sessions, children should have the appropriate swimwear.


How To Order

We have 2 online suppliers for our school uniform with logo-

Motif8 click here or

My Clothing at click here 

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