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Mrs McNeill

All About Me...

Hello! I’m Mrs McNeill. I have been a teacher at Collierley Primary School for a lot of years! I have been very lucky and taught in every single year group whilst being here. I had many jobs before becoming a teacher, but my favourite was selling ice creams. They were yummy!

My Story

I love sport. I support Tottenham Hotspur and try hard to go to London a few times a season to watch them play. I like to take my oldest son Noah with me. I haven’t been able to take my youngest son Arthur yet, but I will when he can sit still! I enjoy playing netball. My usual position in netball is Goal Shooter. I love playing but to be honest I’m not very good! I like to ride my mountain bike downhill. I dislike riding my mountain bike uphill!

My favourite animals are elephants. I have loved them since I was little. I was very lucky to see elephants up close when I visited Sri Lanka a few years ago. Here they are in the background enjoying a soak in the river.

I have been very lucky and travelled all over the world. I have lived in Toronto which is in Canada and I have trekked along parts of The Great Wall of China. I love adventure and exploring. I am always planning my next adventure – there is so much of the world I would like to see.

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